Monday, November 23, 2009

Berlin Brings Poetry

I took a solo trip to the German Hauptstadt Berlin last weekend to visit an admissions fair for masters programs in international realtions. It was fun to see another side of Germany (quite literally), and to get out of the normal groove of things for a while. I also tried to step out of my comfort zone and met a few strangers that became friends.

I'm not sure how many of you have flown on Ryan Air before, but its an interesting experience. In their attempt to make flights cheap (I paid 0 -- yes, you read that correctly, zero-- Euro for my flight from Frankfurt to Berlin), they fly you in and out of the middle of nowhere, claiming to fly to "major world cities." The flight from Berlin to Ryan Air's "Frankfurt" takes 1 hour. The bus trip from the "Frankfurt" airport to the train station in downtown Frankfurt takes 1.75 hours.

Here's a poem I wrote during my wait in the tiny garage they call an airport:

The Ladies' Room in Frankfurt Hahn

The flickering, flourescent light

and cold white tile

in the Ladies' Room of the Frankfurt Hahn International Airport

do not do justice

to its global renown 

as an international crossroad.

And on my way to see

chef d'oeuvres that redefined history, 

I am reminded 

of the fat and sweaty


accordion player

at the bottom of the esclaotor

in London's Picadilly Circus

(it smelled of urine, too).

And of the fact that,

though we try our best to forget it,

we're not that different


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