Sunday, October 18, 2009

Reading Suggestions

Another title for this entry could be Self Promotion.

Living in another country changes you. It causes you to reflect, stay self-aware, teaches you things you never knew about yourself and where you came from, and sometimes forces you to make very tough decisions.

Out of this process (and this blog) has come my first-ever published piece. If you're interested, you can read it here.

Even more interesting is the shape my family is taking as my parents go through this same process. My dad shared with me last week that, now five months in Holland, he's finally experiencing culture shock, which he has described as "finally realzing I'm not on vacation anymore." This has had an interesting impact on our family relationships. For one thing, it has made my parents a little more vulnerable. It's an interesting position for me, as the one who has the longest experience living abroad, to watch my parents go through this transition. (On the other hand, I've always had "going home" at the end of the stretch. They don't. That's something very different). Another thing that has come out of this is that my dad is writing like crazy. He's reflecting, and really, really good things are coming out.

So I'd like to offer you a second read, namely my parent's blog:
Like all good writing it's sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always true to life.

Here's to a fall and curling up with some good reads. Next on my list: Phyllis Tickle and N.T. Wright. What's on yours?


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