Saturday, March 14, 2009

Winnenden School Shooting

Thanks to everyone who expressed their concern about the recent school shooting in Germany. Winnenden, where it happenend, is only about 20 minutes away from Esslingen -- not very far at all; very similar kind of town. I've been around as a lot of people have expressed their shock and horror. It hits home especially hard, I think, with those who work so closely with youth. The kid was only 17 years old.

Tuesday, at t1, (the youth center where I work) Uli, (she's partly in-charge of t1) put up a big piece of paper on the wall and left out markers and art supplies so that our kids had a chance to respond to what happened. It was a good, hands-off way to let them express themselves, I think. A lot of them talked about it in their classrooms at school, so I think they may have been on overload.

This is a bizarre statement to write, but school shootings haven't occured as frequently in Germany as they have in the US, so people here are perhaps more substantialy phased by the occurance.

Please pray for the people of Winnenden, Tim Kretschner's family, and the youth workers in Baden-Wurttemberg as we recover from this crisis.

Gold Bless You!


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Mom said...

This morning, Connie Sneeden suggested we buy you a bulletproof vest. We pray for continued safety where you are!