Friday, March 20, 2009

Banana Juice?

Hello All!

Sorry I've been a little late on posting -- just proof that my life is busy here, which is good! That, and that I am tired at the end of every day because my brain is working to understand everything. Not only the language (though that is a lot of it) but also things like street signs or...I don't know...figuring out how long a lunch break is in Germany, when you should or shouldn't shake someone's hand, etc.

Anyway... this will be a quick, because I am on my lunch break and need to hurry up and pack, because I am heading to AUSTRIA for the weekend to ski!

I've never been to Austria. I was on the border, once, but never made it over. Can't wait! (Though I'm a little bit scared about the skiing part. Especially with so many recent ski accidents in the news!) Oh well.

So, a few things I find amusing about Germany:

-A lot of homes have calendars in the bathroom. I suppose this is a convenient place to review upcoming appointments, actually....maybe we should try it in the US?

-Everything feels HEARTY --people, bikes, the breads --- Lordy, they are all whole grain and the cereal aisle in the grocery's a granola-lover's dream come true!!

-At meetings, people drink juice and mineral water. Together. Actually, people just drink juice all the time. I didn't know this about Germany. This is great though, as musli and juice two of my favorite things in the world.

-A popular favorite juice is banana and cherry juice mixed together (we serve this often at t1, the youth center I work at)

I have to get going, but keep your ears tuned for the next post: pictures from ski weekend, and account of how yours truly managed to eat the same Swabish delicacy five times in one week!

love to you!


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