Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Back in the USA

I just uploaded a bunch of photos to my Facebook account from when Etienne was in the US visiting. Uploading those brought me back to my blog...I like to look back at what I wrote sometimes and see my life experiences.

Life has recommenced at North Park. I am almost halfway through the semester already.
It's hard to believe that this time next year I'll be two months away from graduating from college.
That certainly puts things into perspective.

What does a person that has done not much else but go to school vocationally for the "plupart" (most of) their lives do?

I'm not quite sure.
These are the things I know. (Responses welcome) :

-I can speak French.
-I don't know if this is true because I have never taken a language course other than French, but I have a premonition that I pick up languages easily. You might say I think I might have a 'knack' for it.
-I know a little bit about a few different cultures (French, American, West African, British, maybe even a bit about Sweden, Germany, Canada, and Mexico)
-I like talking about the similarities and differences between cultures
-I make friends fairly easily, and have friends in a lot of different places
-I like to learn
-I like to read
-I feel comfortable speaking in front of others
-I like to tell people things that I have learned. I like to explain how perceptions are different in different societies. I like to see the positive and negative perspectives on issues depending on cultural interpretation.
-I am a person of faith in Jesus Christ
-I love theological and Biblical study
-I am involved in ministry, and feel called to do ministry
-I am engrossed in the life of the mind
-I want to have a post-graduate degree
-My ideal vocation, as of right now, goes something like this: Working in a position where I help one culture to see another culture's perspective. Working in a partnership between two or more cultures, languages, and backgrounds. Helping each to understand the other better and using that understanding to further the work of God's Kingdom come to be.

That's about all I know right now. Things will play out as time continues.

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happychipmunk said...

hi amanda! hope you get this. Audrey hepburn probably spoke Dutch/Flemish because her dad was English and her mom was Dutch... She was born in Brussels which is like another country in itself :) People from there are called Bruxellois. hope you're doing well!