Saturday, March 10, 2007

I love Sundays

Hey Folks-
I posted this on my Facebook a little while ago, but thought some of you non-facebookers might like it too. Today I am off to the beach (again). Whee! Life is good!

I love Sundays. (In France). For one thing, it’s a day to honor my homeboy Jesus. Today I went to one of Rennes’ cathedrals, this one I believe is called St. Saveur. It lived up to every expectation you would have of an old, catholic cathedral- huge dome ceilings with gold leafed paint, roman pillars and Latin inscriptions, altar boys and acolytes. I didn’t understand all of the mass (understood a great deal of it though ;)), but what I didn’t understand I felt from the resonating beauty of the choir and the faces of very old French Catholics around me. When I stepped outside the sun was shining brightly and I walked around town a bit. And this is why I love Sundays in France. People just like to wander around --- look in shop windows to see what is on sale, sit on a bench and enjoy the sunlight or watch kids tear through the open square around L’Opera on their scooters. A lot of people were out on bicycles. I actually feel like it is a day of rest. Sometimes in the US I feel like Sundays are the days I have the most to do. But here, when the sun is shining and old women in orthopedic shoes and three year old girls in pigtails can wander down the same cobblestone streets I feel happy to be a witness. And so it is at peace that I can begin the homework that has traditionally marked Sunday as a sort of dreaded, doomed day. As long as I have my cappuccino and pain aux raisins.

St. Saveur
(notice sign for "the funky munky" bar where exchg students hang out)


Christine Lee said...

I'm going to send you mail today! :-D Hopefully it won't come on the slow boat to China....

<3 P.S. The picture's super cute (even if he favors the same sweater day after day! haha) My IM application was acting up and I couldn't sign back on once it had kicked me off, but that's what I was going to tell you.

miss christine said...

Okay I just sent it... they said like ten business days. So I guess I would start worrying if it doesn't come by the last week of March.

cousinLAURA said...

my dear amanda-will you be able to bring pictures with you to cali? i want to see them all!!! i can't wait to see looks like you are having an amazing time!

Mom said...

Does the "funky munky" sell T-shirts?
That'd be a great one for your collection! -mom