Sunday, February 25, 2007

Trip To St. Malo!

Here is another picture of St. Malo, and a chance fo you to see some of my friends walking the ramparts: Pictured here are Joanna, Katie, and Etienne, friends I met through the Bible study I am attending.
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Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous! all of my favorite places are pictured here! Mont St. Michel, Le Tour Eiffel (isn't the park fantastic), musee d'orsay and of course montmarte (amelie anyone?). i am so tempted to just book a plane ticket and max out my credit card, but alas, i probablly shouldn't...but maybe i will!

if you get a chance, hang out around pompidou in paris. so hipster and awesome! great vintage clothes, you can find awesome graphic tees in french...pompidou has some great kandinsky, miro and giacometti.

also great, the latin quarter...tons of great restaurants and just chillin on the seine by notre dame with a book and some ciggs is great...oh man, SO JEALOUS!

enjoy and holla at the boys for me!

love liz

post-script: did you ever holler at regina spektor? i'm sure the show was friggen sweet. f.y.i.: fidelity is hugely popular in brasil...along with electro-house music...strange these brazilians.