Sunday, August 13, 2006

Three hours left...

Today is the beginning of my three-day journey home. I leave Niamey at 4:25 am today (Monday), and if everything goes as planned, am to arrive in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA at 9:47pm on Wednesday, August 16. (It will be Thursday my time by then!) I'm kind of thinking that I will get delayed when I first enter the US in Atlanta--Tom says that they almost always miss that flight. But once I'm in the US I know I will eventually get home.

For dinner tonight, Tom and Aichatou suprised me and we got to go out to eat at a fun restaurant that overlooks the city. It was fantastic. Afterwards we came back home and I got to give out all my presents to all the neighborhood kids.

So. This is the deal I propose for you, my faithful reader: Right now, please pray that I will get home safely amid all this heightened security, and that no one will kidnap me in Paris (although that would be exciting, wouldn't it? ) I plan on finishing up the re-telling of Zinder when I return home or possibly from an internet cafe in Paris. I'll have lots of time to think about what to write on my way home, but I've been really busy here these past three days. So the deal is that I will continue to write if you will continue to read until the end of the summer (roughly around the time of my birthday, -cough- September 1 -cough-. ) I will also post many many many more pictures when I get home.

So stick around for a couple more weeks and you shall hear the end of my long tale, and perhaps a long philosophical reflection. Thanks Friends!

Your soon to be Parisian


Miss Christine said...

I'm moving in to the dorm on your birthday! Gasp!

Mom said...

We're following you on line, and praying you home! -mom

Laura said...

i love you amanda! enjoy paris!!

Miss Christine said...

You're coming home tomorrow! Woooooo hoooooo!

Anonymous said...

Hi amanda,we hope all is well and your folks got there safe and sound.We saw on the weather that the weather was much milder than what they left.I asked jesse if he needed me to come back to watch over him like i did before. Stil,l waiting for a reply. Love to ALL. C and C.