Sunday, July 09, 2006

Photos (Finally) !

Hello to All- I know that I promised I would post pictures, and have not been doing the best job at it. In my defense, it is not exactly easy to upload them here, as I have to resize and reformat all the pictures before I upload them, and once I put them online, it's up in the air whether the connection will stay on long enough to load it. But, without further ado:

Above you can see Katie (L) and Stephanie (R) with me and a woman in her house in Kiota, where Katie the Peace Corps volunteer lives. The woman pictured is the mother of a good friend of Katie's, who fed us some yummy rice and squash sauce for lunch! When we asked to take her picture she said okay but first went to change clothes, but not before she told us that she had lost her second front tooth this week, and her daughter told her she was too ugly to go out in public anymore, so she couldn't see why we wanted to take a picture with her.

Here we have Katie and me very close to a beautiful giraffe. They are amazing to watch in person--so beautiful, and would you believe it, very graceful in the way they walk and run!

Laura- here are the promised pictures of the girls. Marie (2yrs) and Laurey (now 8mo). They are both growing SO fast! Laurey has started walking this week- 5 steps yesterday!! She is also teething. You can see from this picture that she smiles a lot. She's very fun to watch. Marie is also growing quickly-she is learning how to use the potty, and got there herself today! She is speaking more and more in complete sentences, and can pick up words in any language very fast.

And last but not least, my favorite:

This picture was taken almost a month ago, when Katie and Steph first got here. From left to right: First row: Stephanie, Zeinabou, Katie, Fati (Zeinabou's 11 yr old), Ramatou (my roommate), Halima(12, from the neighborhood). I think you can see Laurey's leg and part of her head,also. Second row: Hadiza (8, neighborhood friend), Haoua (Z.'s 6 yr old who Z says is "ta fille" -your (my) girl or daughter) and Faycal (Z.'s 9 yr old).

That's all from Africa today, more to come soon!


Miss Christine said...

Amanda! I just thought of this... you should bring me back something from Niger... preferably something wearable, or like a bag or something, because then when people ask me where I got it, I can say 'Africa', or 'Niger', and then they'll be jealous. Kind of like when I ask Ethan where he got his shoes and he goes 'Germany', or you tell me you got your skirt in Paris (I mean, come ON! lol). So. That's all I really have to say.

Oh, besides this: love you and miss you and I can't wait to see you when you get back! Also, if you see Stephanie or Katie, tell them that they're both beautiful! At least, they look to be in this picture. :-)

Laura said...

thank you very much for finally posting pictures, i thouroughly enjoy them. one thing, how is it possible that an 8 month old is taking steps already?! that's so early!!! and along with Chris's comment, I feel the same i was wearing a skirt, people asked about it, and i said it was from Israel, so, i'd like something from Niger too please!!! love you!!

Your mentor & Maury said...

Love the pics, mentee! Thanks for sharing. All is well here in A-town. Maury is snoozing on our bed, which seems to be his napping spot of choice. No matter what room he's in, he always finds the comfiest, cushiest spot in the room (on top of pillows, blankets, shirts, towels, whatever!). Sometimes I like to call him "Princess." He doesn't seem to mind. :) I'm going to try to write you a *real* letter this week. Any idea how long it takes for mail to get there? Also, what's your phone number? I have an international phone card that I use to call Traci in France--might try to see if I can use it to call Africa sometime too! M'wah! (big kiss on the cheek)

Miss Christine said...

Speaking of photos... I was taking down the photo collage down from my closet doors, and I ran across a wallet of you at junior prom... why don't I remember you and Robert Schmidt going to prom together?! Lol, I had to look at it twice!

<3 Miss you miss you miss you!

Taylor Ondrey said...

Yo Amanda. It's good to hear you are loving it. I spend my days kissing the butts of rich people. It's sucking my soul away. Next summer I'll be doing something awesome like you are doing now. Love every minute you are in Niger.

Tony Norlin said...

Yo Amanda!!!! It sounds like you are having such an amazing time! I hope you know that all of us here are so proud of you. You are a lovely soul. I leave for China on Tuesday so I dont have much time left here. Ang and Robert say hi and they wish they could have seen you. I will pass on your love to LangZhu as well. Keep on spreading the light! luv, Tony

ashleyfo said...

The pictures are gorgeous. Such beautiful people, all of them. Especially the "ugly" woman and the ADORABLE Marie and Laurey.
Finally a tribute to not only the beautiful wild life in Africa but also the beautiful, SMILING people. Good Job lil miss international