Thursday, July 20, 2006

Leaving Date

Just so everyone is aware:

I leave Niger the morning of August 14 at 4:30 am. (Y'all keep asking, so I decided I'd tell you). I arrive home the 16th.

If you'd like to send mail, you should send it to the address listed on the entry entitled "Write to me!" by the end of this week. (Coincidently, today or tomorrow)

There is also the option of writing to my home address, (post tomorrow) where I will still accept your sentiments upon my return and feel very grateful for them. I like letters all over the place, and if you're thinking of me, would love to hear how you are.

Aichatou's final exam has been moved to the 28th of July. So it looks like we will be in Niamey until the 29th, when we will leave for Zinder, 12 hours away on the other side of the country, where Aichatou's family lives. We will be there for about a week and a half and then return to Niamey. I'll have about four days and then I'll be on my flight home! Time is certainly flying!

We are currently in the middle of hosting three cousins of Marie and Laurey, so life here is busy busy. A picture entry will be needed again soon. You'll see why.

Thanks for all the GREAT comments my friends! They make me feel so loved. Keep up the good work! (please?)



Miss Christine said...

Look for your mail I sent you! <3 <3 Can't wait to see you!

Mom said...

Like your time in Niamey,as the end of our camping assignment gets nearer, time seems to "fly." Last week sped by quickly, and this week seems to be moving along even faster. But we won't be home very long before we then greet you again! I can't wait to hug you to pieces! :)
Yours Etc.,
Your Mom

Your mentor said...

I sent you some mail too! Hope it gets there before you leave... Sorry the phone calling hasn't worked out yet. :( I usually think of it in the late evening, but by then it's the middle of the night for you!! Hopefully this weekend sometime... Hung out with Leah S. this week--she sends her greetings. Peace out, ATVD

Laura said...

I know i'm a bad friend for not sending you something, but I figure I'm going to new york in a couple weeks, your birthday's in a couple more weeks, why spend so much on shipping now when something better is yet to come? love you! I have only 1 week left!!!!!!!

ashleyfo said...

yay more traveling! Isn't it funny that you don't think much about traveling 12 hours when you are already in another country, but when you are at home your like 12 hours? what?! i'm gonna need to think about that. Well maybe you don't do that...Oh never mind. have fun in the other side of the country in the other side of the world.

Mom said...

Are you ready to see Casablanca again? How bout the Paris and Copenhagen layovers? The travelling will take some mental prep-work I think! This is how you get "Seasoned" as a world traveller!
Still Love you,

Mentor said...

I tried to call you yesterday from the Mall of America but the call wouldn't go through for some reason! Bummer! We are staying with our friends Kyle and Wendy in Rochester, MN, right now but leaving soon to drive the rest of the way to Castaway. So I will try again sometime today (Friday) while we're driving. Hope you're doing well!!! Love you! Arika