Sunday, June 11, 2006


Is the French word for Sunday.

Quick Update:
Tonight at 3:30 am I will have been in Niger for a week. A lot has happened in a week!
The two things I want most to tell you about are that today, we went to chuch, and Aichatou tied my headscarf!

One thing that is very important to know, however, is that there are a plethora of ways to tie a headscarf, ranging from the simple kerchief-style all the way to elaborate folds and flares here and there that I would not even know where to begin.

Yesterday, Aichatou also taught me how to tie a baby on my back.

The other important thing to know is that I killed at least fifteen spiders or spiders-to-be in my bathroom today. Two of them were quite big. Really. My French professor (he's the one that told me Niger was quote, "hot") told me that I remind him of an Amazon - courageous, traveling to Africa my first year of college. Well, I felt like an Amazon today. That Spider (yes, capital S) has been threatening me from below the toilet all week, and it was about time she and her little babies and I settled scores. After they were gone I noticed that there were army reserves in the other corner of the ceiling. I, armed for battle with my insect spray, toilet paper and long, extendable-arm-brush for hard to reach places such as tall ceilings, went to war (humming "To War! To War! Fredonia's gone to war!" from the Marx Brothers' Duck Soup all the while). I also killed two crickets or locusts, I'm not sure which. I know that you may think of me as a kind, gentle-hearted girl who doesn't like to talk much about killing, but let me tell you, if something threatens to crawl in my bed and bite me, a wild beast of a person comes out. Okay, maybe not wild beast, but hey, Amazon I am happy with.

That's the latest update from this side of the world. More to come soon.
Amanda the Amazon.


Miss Christine said...

Hahahahahahaha... to this, Amanda, all I have to say is:


Oh man. Bet you forgot about that one, didn't you?


Mom said...

I think the scarf tricks will come in handy! -Mom

Mom said...

I'd bet a squirming baby is a bit harder to carry than Tigger! -m.