Monday, May 15, 2006

Less than three weeks left!

Welcome to Amanda Munroe's Blog. Upon these (web)pages you will be able to read an account of my adventure to Niamey, Niger, Africa and my stay with the Johnson Family (Note Tom Johnson's resemblance to my father). I leave on June 3rd, will fly from Grand Rapids to Detroit to Paris to Casablanca to Niamey, where I arrive at 3:30am. Visa application is sent in and vaccinations are had! Now all that is left is unpacking my stuff from school (uggh) and packing for Niger. Oh, and seeing anyone and everyone I know in the Greater Grand Rapids area.

Items still needed are:
-Used or new laptops for the Church in Niger (at least Pentium II or III processors)

-Fun things for the girls (Marie-Florence (2) and Laurey-Lea (6mo.)) Coloring books, finger paints, etc. don't exist in Niger.

-Gifts for other people I meet

-More skirts for me as I can't wear shorts in the 90+ heat!

-A lot of time-occupiers for my ridiculously long plane rides and lay-overs
(7 hours in Casablanca on the way there, 11 hours on the way back and, oh yes.. two nights in Paris)...any ideas?

I have also been spending some time trying to figure out how to wear a proper African headscarf, mandatory for church.
My attempts so far:

Is this right?

Oh dear, I think I'm wrong again.

Help. Please Help.

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Miss Christine said...

Like I said, funniest pictures ever. You're my favourite. ;)